CFC - 80 Clover Flyte Pull Up Banner 800mm (w) x 2100mm (h) $189.00

Clover Flyte Prices

Flyte is the LIGHTEST and most COMPACT pull up banner stand available in Australia today.

Before Flyte the lightest pull up banner weighs around 4kg and is bulky and weighty enough to be a hinderance when travelling.

Flyte is much lighter and less bulky than the current pull up banners available.

Weighing a mere 1.92kg travel becomes easy, making staying within your baggage allowance more likely.

This also means lower freight costs when shipping with couriers -

e.g a shipment of 2 Clover Flyte Banners from Brisbane to Perth would be $38.00 with DHL whilst the next lightest equivalent 2 banner shipment would be $72.23

(source Interparcel Australia)

VERSATILITY - As well as offering unparalled portability Flyte gives it user great versatility as Flyte is fully height adjustable enabling use in a variety of display scenarios including

Table Top presentations 600-800mm high, Shopping Centre 1500mm Full Height Expo 2100mm

QUALITY PRINT - Flyte graphics are printed to the usual high quality Clover Standards - Blockout Media, UV ink with an anti scratch laminate coating.

ARTWORK 800mm (w) x 2100mm (h) Please add a 100mm leader to the bottom of the artwork.

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